Quik-Burger (Vegan)
Ready to use burger loaf. Just cut both ends of can and push out. Slice and brown to prepare your hamburger.
Ideal for meat balls, soups or other meat courses.
00100 12/19 oz. cans


Dinner Steaks
Wheat and soy protein patties prepared with a delicious gravy. Just heat and serve. Sauteed onions add an extra touch.
00120  12/13 oz. cans     00140  12/50oz. cans

Chik'n Dinner
A pre-cooked nutritious source of vegetable protein with chicken flavor, prepared in a light gravy.         
00170  12/20 oz. cans     
00175   12/48 oz. cans

Nuti-Loaf (Vegan)
Delicious peanut-based loaf. Used as is out of the can. Great in salads, sandwich spread or in casseroles.
00180  12/19 oz. cans

(No artificial color) (Vegan)
Meatless hot dogs with a lightly spicy taste. Best when sauteed. Use for sandwiches, or dice to add in stews or casseroles.
00200  12/20 oz. cans

(No artificial color) (Vegan)
Vegetarian franks with a full-flavored spicy taste. Ideal for broiling and barbecuing.
00260  12/20 oz. cans

Breakfast Sausage
Breakfast style vegetable protein sausage perfectly seasoned for a variety of uses.
00350  12/20 oz.cans

 Chops (Vegan)
Tender patties prepared from wheat protein and soy isolate in a savory sauce. Serve with gravy or sauce or just bread with Cedar Lake Breading Meal and brown.
19105 12/19 oz. cans
48105 12/48 oz. cans

Terkettes (Vegan)
Meatless chunks of vegetable protein. May be breaded, fried, or used in a variety of casseroles.
19115 12/20 oz. cans
48115 12/48 oz. cans

Hostess Cuts (Vegan)
Nutritional gluten patties with whole wheat flour added. Bread and brown or serve with gravy and sauce.
19120 12/20 oz. cans
48120 12/48 oz. cans

Deli Franks (Vegan)
Vegetarian franks with a full flavored frankfurter taste. Perfect for broiling and barbecuing.
00290 12/20 oz. cans

Vegi-Scallops (Vegan)
Tender chunks prepared from wheat and soy protein with a vegan seafood seasoning. Coat with Cedar Lake Breading Meal, fry and serve with
tartar sauce.
00150 12/20 oz. cans
00155 12/50 oz. cans

Tofu Links (Vegan)
Vegetarian hot-dogs prepared from wheat protein, soy isolate and fresh tofu. Ideal for school lunches, picnics and barbecuing.
00275 12/20 oz. cans

Vegeburger (Vegan)
The right blend of wheat
and soy protein, to be used
as ground beef. Excellent for burger patties, hashes,
and casseroles.
19110 12/20 oz. cans
48110 12/48 oz. cans


3 Grain Pecan Patty (Vegan)
Meatless cutlets prepared from
a delectable blend of wheat,
barley and rye. Add to that,
a touch of pecan meal. Just
bread and brown, or use in vegetable stir-fry.
19180 12/20 oz. cans

Beef Strips (Vegan)
Unusually tender "beef fajitas" made from wheat and soy
protein. Ideal for stir-fry
or great in casseroles. Perfect for fajitas
00700 12/20 oz. cans

Chick'n Strips (Vegan)
Meatless "chicken fajitas" made from wheat and soy protein. Great for stir-fry and casserole
dishes. Perfect for fajitas.
00720 12/20 oz. cans

Sloppy Joe (Vegan)
Made from wheat gluten and textured soy protein with a savory tomato flavor. Is truly a "meal on a bun" when heated and served over a wheat bun.
19135 12/19 oz. cans

Chili (Vegan)
Meatless chili made of kidney beans and textured soy protein. Just like homemade! Contains no eggs or dairy products.
19160 12/19 oz. cans
48160 12/48 oz. cans